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Welcome To Hasolon Nylon Products Pvt Ltd

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of various types of Nylon Tubing for industrial purposes which are available in sizes of 3mm to 19mm outer diameter and in orange, red, yellow, green, blue, black, white and natural colours. Various applications of the Nylon Tubing include fuel lines for diesel and petrol in transport and automobile industries, automotive hydraulic and gasoline lines, air lines which are compressed for systems for pneumatic control and high pressure oil lines for lubricating used in automobile and engineering industries. Other uses include gas lines in various industries, centralized systems for lubrication, in chemical industries where conveying is done for ketones, esters and hydrocarbons and transportation of alimentary liquids like serum, blood as biological liquids and alimentary liquids like beer and milk.

Our Nylon Tubing is also used in textile industry and is handy to use for the lightness and economic in use for being able to be rapidly and easily installed, simplification in connections and because of high performance. Other salient features of this Nylon Tubing include chemical resistance, withstand to high pressure, flexibility, stability, low ratio of O.D./I.D. and for resistance to crushing, vibration, abrasion, weather conditions, impact, ageing, tearing, cold flow and fatigue. That is why we are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier.

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66, Anar Industrial Estate,
B/H New Fruit Market, Naroda Road,
Ahmedabad-380025 Gujarat, INDIA.

Phone: +91-79-22201323

Mobile: +91-9824077319
E-mail: info@hasolon.com

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