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PTFE Tubing

PTFE Tubing

Available Tube Sizes :
1mm OD to 23mm OD.

Properties :

  • Chemically inert to practically all lubricants, solvents and reagents.
  • Non Sticky.
  • Lowest Co-efficient of friction.
  • Wide temperature range (-70°C to +260°C).
  • Non-toxic and Non-flammable.
  • Extremely high Dielectric strength.

Applications of PTFE Tubing

Consider PTFE tubings where insulation may be damaged by hot soldering irons, Near substances that must not be contaminated. IC Production, Pharmaceuticals, Photographic Chemicals, Foods & Beverages, Aerospace Materials, Medical Supplies & Equipment, clean Room Environments. Also, where lowest possible static friction is desired, where tubing must be anti-stick and easy to clean, where a material that will not support combustion is required, where tubing must function at extremely high or low temperature. PTFE tubing can be used in fluidic control systems, in automotive, aviation and marine equipment. In applications calling for low loss, stable, long term electrical properties, especially at high frequencies; in locations subject to weathering; where weight saving is essential; where thin walls are required in compact assemblies.