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Nylon Tubing

High Pressure Nylon Tubings Nylon Tubing from Hasolon Nylon Products Pvt. Ltd, a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of premium quality nylon products are available in various sizes, working pressure, wall thickness of the tube and colours. The nylon tubing is designed for application in diversified fields in the transport, chemical and automobile industries. Various applications of this nylon tubing include automotive hydraulic and gasoline lines, use for centralized systems for lubrication and transporting alimentary and biological liquids through nylon tubing lines. Designed by a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter, this product from Hasolon has some salient features that make it compatible for various applications.

Exclusive features include lightness in weight, smaller ratio of O.D. by I.D., economical in the process of installation and performance and among others being dimensionally stable under a wide range of temperature due to its low capacity in moisture absorption and resistance to even 130 degree intermittent temperature and 90 degree continuous. Other salient features of the nylon tubing manufactured by Hasolon include withstanding high pressure, resistance to solvents, chemicals, greases, oils and other lubricants and compatibility for end fitting for plastic, aluminium and copper tubes, which makes this nylon tubing most favoured in the market.

Available Sizes :
3mm to 19mm Outer Dia.

Tube Wall Thickness :
0.50mm to 2.00mm

Working Pressure :
Upto 200 kg / cm2 depending upon the tube size.

Available Colours :
Nylon Tubings in Natural, White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange colours.

Applications of Nylon Tubings

  • Fuel lines for petrol or diesel fuel in Automobile and Transport Industry.
  • Compressed air lines on pneumatic control systems.
  • Automotive gasoline lines.
  • Automotive hydraulic lines.
  • High Pressure lubricating oil lines in Engineering and Automobile Industry.
  • Lubes and air lines on textile machinery through nylon tubes.
  • Transporting nylon tube lines for alimentary liquids such as milk and beer and biological liquids such as blood, serum etc.
  • In the chemical industries for conveying hydocarbons, esters, ketones etc.,
  • Centralized lubrication systems.
  • Gas lines by nylon tubings for various industries.

Salient Features of Haolon Nylon Tubings

Lightness : 
Nylon With a density of 1.04 - 1.14, it is 8 times lighter than copper tubings.

Economy :
In adition to actual cost of the tubing the economic balance is even more in favour of Nylon because of (a) elimination of Preforming (b) connections can be simplified and (c) easy and rapid installation.

Low O.D./I.D. ratio :
HASOLON Nylon Tubing has substantially smaller O.D. by I.D. Ratio than any other non metalic tubing. Hence for a given I.D and  working pressure, more compact tubing connection is possible.

Stability :
HASOLON Nylon tubing remains dimensionally stable because of low moisture absorption & resistance to temperatures over a wide range of -40°C to 90°C (continuous) 130°C (Intermittant).

Flexibility :
It is flexible and remains elastic when bent cold, but can be permanently formed by bending when hot. The radii of curvature can be very small without cause loss of pressure.

Withstand high pressure :
HASOLON Nylon tubing withstands high pressures depending upon wall thickness, diameter, use to which the tube is put and industry involved.

Low pressure losses :
Because of smoother internal surface than that of metal tubes, pressure losses are low.

Chemical resistance :
Hasolon Nylon tubings has excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, oils, greases, petrol, high speed diesel, gasoline fluorocarbon refrigerants and propellants and is impermeable to Fron, Ozone and Oxygen.

End fittings:
By virtue of Nylon's outstanding stress cracking resistance and minimal cold flow under continuous load, end fittings are firmly and permanently attached and will not tear from its connectors.

Practically all types of end fittings marketed for use with plastics tubes and Copper and Aluminium tubes are perfectly suitable. e.g. Drive-in and compression fittings.

Availability :
HASOLON Nylon Tubing is offered in continuous lengths or length as required or ready for installation preformed and with fittings.

Excellent resistance to :

  • Abrasion, even in the presence of dust, sand and metallic particles.
  • Vibration.
  • Crushing.
  • Impact, particularly at low temperatures(-40°C to -50°C)
  • Ageing under a wide range of conditions of use.
  • Weather
  • Cold flow and to tearing of the tube from its connector.
  • Fatigue cause by repeated flexing.

Some Chemical Properties of Nylon Tubings

Nylon Tubing shows good resistance to most of the chemicals and products listed below. The resistance does, however, vary with the temperature and with the concentration of the chemical concerned.

Acetone Diesel Feul Hydrogen Peroxide Oxide
Acetylene Edible Oil Liquid soap Paraffin
Ammonia Engine Oil Lubricating 
oils and greases
Benzene Freon Potash
Fruit Juices Manganess Chloride Porpane Gaseous
Boric Acid Fuel Oil Mercury Sea-water
Brake Fluid Gasoline Methane Silicon Oil
Butane Gaseous Glycerine Methyl 
Butane Gaseous Glycerine Methyl Soda
Glycol Mrthyl Alcohol Stearin
Chlorobenzene Heptene Methyl Choride Tar
Carbon Disulphide Hexane Mineral Oils Toluene- Xylene
Carbon Tetrachloride High Octane Mineral Spirit Town gas
Cyclohexanone Hydraulic Oils Motor Olis Turpentine
Cyclohexane Hydrogen Oxygen Vinegar
Some Mechanical Properties of Nylon Tubing
Semi & Super Flexible   Semi Flexible     PA6   Super Flexible    PA11 & PA12
Outer Diameter mm Wall Thickness mm Inner Diameter mm Working Pressure Kg/Cm² Minimum Bend Radius mm Working Pressure Kg/Cm² Minimum Bend Radius mm
16 1.00 14 30 110 10 100
14 1.00 12 35 100 12 90
12.5 1.25 10 50 85 18 80
12 1.00 10 40 80 14 70
10 1.00 8 50 60 18 50
9.50 1.75 6 140 70 42 50
9.50 1.00 7.50 50 60 20 50
8 1.50 5 120 60 44 40
8 1.00 6 65 50 24 40
6.35 1.00 4.35 90 40 32 30
6 0.50 5 40 40 14 30
6 1.00 4 100 40 36 30
6 1.50 3 200 40 74 30
5 0.50 4 50 40 18 30
5 1.00 3 130 35 48 25
4.70 1.00 2.70 145 25 90 20
4 0.50 3 65 20 24 15
4 1.00 2 200 20 60 15
4 0.75 2.5 120 20 40 15
3 0.75 1.5 200 20 65 15