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Salient Features...

Salient Features of One Touch, Instant, Time Saving Push - In Tube Fittings

"ONE TOUCH" Connecting Or Disconnecting

  • Push a tubling in fully to the tube-end for a perfect instantaneous connection.
  • No tool is necessary for quick disconnecting. Press the releasing bush in by fingers while pulling the tubing out for a sample disconnecting work.
  • No wrench is required to connect and disconnect the tubing and therefore the interval between joints can be made smaller.

Male Stud With Pipe thread Swivels

  • The Direction of the tubing can be easily changed according to its requirement
  • The joint can be screwed in only by the threaded part so that it does not interfere with the neighbouring objects, thus allowing the interval between joints to be smaller.

Maximum Air Flow Capacity

  • Sealing for tube connection is maintained perfectly on the outside surface of the tube, so that the inside diameter of the tube allows a maximum capacity flow.

No Loss of Inside Parts

  • Every part inside the joint is completely fixed, thus no loss of inside parts such as sleeves and nuts.

Working Pressure Range

  • 0-20 bar

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40°C to 130°C


  • Fuel lines for petrol or diesel fuel in Automobile and Transparent Industry.
  • Compressed air lines on pneumatic control systems.
  • Automotive gasoline lines.
  • Automotive hydraulic lines.
  • High pressure lubricating oil lines in Engineering and automobile Industry.
  • Lubes and air lines on textile machinery.
  • Agricultural spray equipment for insecticides and fertilizers.
  • Transporting lines for alimentary liquids such as milk and beer and biological liquids such as blood, serum etc.
  • In the chemical industries for conveying hydocarbons, esters, ketones etc.
  • Refrigeration lines.
  • Ducts in air conditioning systems.
  • Centralised lubrication systems.

Instructions for use :
Recommended Tubing

Nylon tubing and polyurethene tubing are most compatible for HASOLON Instant Fittings.

  • Tolerance ± 0.1 mm is allowed for external diameter of tube and ellipticity of within 0.2 mm (between longer and shorter diameter) is allowed for the tube.
  • The surface of tubing should not be damaged as a matter of course.
  • The tubing should be cut by "tube-cutter".


  • Push the tubing slightly and the quick releasing bush by fingers with even pressure and then pull the tubing out for disconnection.

Connecting Tube

  • Thrust a tubing in fully to the tube end. Do not bend the tubing excessively near the fitting.